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Our Staff


Ever wondered where our delicious treats come from?

Our amazing staff at Double Dog Dare Bakery does everything by hand - from rolling out the dough for our delicious cookies to slicing, seasoning, and dehydrating our human-grade jerkies. Each cake is baked from scratch, hand-decorated and designed just with your pup in mind!

No artificial colors. All real fruits and veggies. All human-grade ingredients! 


Ever wondered how DDDB got started?

Most people know one of the founders as Lawyer Alexandria Serra but what many people don't know is that she loves to bake dog treats too! To say she is a "dog person" would be an understatement. Alexandria is a firm believer that dogs should be as healthy as we are. She was tired of seeing so many artificial and harmful ingredients in store-bought dog treats, so like the true entrepreneur that she is, she decided to bring dog-friendly, gluten-free baking to El Paso.

Now, her husband and partner Pace Jaworski has joined in on the fun. Together, they plan to make Double Dog Dare Bakery the biggest name in healthy, dog-safe goodies1

Miles was a 14 yo, 60 lb hound mix. He will forever be in our memory as the inspiration for our little dog bakery.  In 2009, Alexandria got him as a foster dog. Naturally they fell head over heels for each other. When someone was ready to adopt him she just couldn't let go and adopted him instead. Almost 15 years, 4 states & 11 residences later, they were still the best of friends up until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December 2021. We will always love and cherish our sweet boy as he lives on in our treats made with love, every day!


 Floyd was adopted in 2019. He is a wacky, curious, and not so little Irish Wolfhound mix. His favorite thing to do is eat, and sometimes tries to trick his mama into giving him seconds during meals! Floyd does not know what personal space is and just loves to cuddle. He is a handsome boy that is sure to give you a good laugh. You can usually catch him in the kitchen trying to sneak some of his Double Dog Dare Favorites or working off those endless treats by playing lots and lots (and lots!) of ball!